Avocent Healthcare - Trusted Destination for Expert Medical Services


Our clinic offers a range of services including check-ups, vaccinations, chronic disease management, urgent care, women's health, laboratory services, mental health support, dermatology, and health education. Experience exceptional care tailored to your needs.


We offer comprehensive laboratory services, including blood tests, urinalysis, microbiology, pathology, allergy testing, hormone analysis, STD testing,  hematology, and drug monitoring. Accurate results and efficient service for your healthcare needs.


Our integrated clinic pharmacy offers prescription filling, medication counseling, adherence support, reviews, therapy management, over-the-counter products, immunizations, delivery, insurance assistance, and safe medication disposal. Expert care and convenience for all your pharmaceutical needs.


We facilitate access to a wide network of esteemed specialists and hospitals through efficient and seamless referral processes. Our goal is to ensure that patients receive specialized care from top-tier healthcare providers for their specific medical needs.


Our comprehensive Diagnostic Services provide precise evaluations and timely results, ensuring effective healthcare solutions. From advanced imaging to laboratory tests, our state-of-the-art facilities deliver accurate diagnoses. Visit us for more information, and let us be your trusted partner in health and wellness.

Our mission

To provide high-quality, accessible and cost-effective healthcare.

Our Vision 

To be the best outpatient comprehensive facility in Kenya and other regions.